About Me!

Enjoying some peacefulness at The Golden Temple, Punjab, India, 2010.

Enjoying some peacefulness at The Golden Temple, Punjab, India.

Welcome to my photography blog. (updated October 2014)

As well as for my personal interest, the purpose of my photography is:

“To prominently exhibit and publish my work to bring about a real change in the lives of people that I photograph”.

My recent London Exhibition, “India’s Forgotten Children”, bought a small group of dusty street children from the Indian city of Hyderabad, to life in the heart of London at St Martin-In-The-Fields. Visitors from across the world looked into the eyes of the most disadvantaged and were able to connect with them by donating to the charity Hyderapals India Educational Trust.

If you are interested in any of my photographs, please feel free to contact me at either:

psknight71@yahoo.co.uk, or

 +44 (0) 7795 445016

Thanks for your visit,


108 thoughts on “About Me!

    1. Janice so many thanks to you, not only for this but also for showing me so much kindness and friendship generally over the last three months or so since I made this blog! You are a lovely person and, despite a 3000 mile gap, a lovely friend too!! :)

  1. Hi Peter, thanks for stoping by my blog and introducing me to yours! I absolutely LOVE your photos of India. They are truly stunning and capture the heart of the places and people you photograph! You are very talented sir :)

    1. Jenny thanks so much for your lovely comment! It’s greatly appreciated! :) unfortunately there was a particular purpose to this recent trip that didn’t really include photography but I’m very excited to be going back quite soon with just myself and a camera!
      I looked at your gravitar profile and I think my next visit might be of particular interest to you bearing in mind what you do!
      I hope you don’t mind if I keep you posted about that?
      Once again, I really appreciate your thoughts! :)

      1. I would love for you to keep me updated!! I love pretty much anything to do with film, photography and travel so please do keep me posted :) Out of all the places I have traveled to (which I don’t even scratch the surface on my blog) India & Nepal found a special spot in my heart to reside in. Just really beautiful places and peoples. I really want to make it back there soon.

        1. I agree with you Jenny. I haven’t been to Nepal (it’s on my to do list for sure) but in India I have found such beauty and resilience in the places of greatest hardship. Seeing the magic in the eyes of people with truly difficult lives is humbling, particularly since in much richer places around the world I see so much dissatisfaction in people with huge comparative wealth and opportunity.
          One lesson I learned on my recent visit though – it’s tooooo hot in August!!!

  2. Hi Peter, I found you through Tricia A. Mitchell’s blog. Your images are beautiful, and I love how you capture the mood in your photographs. Glad to connect, and I look forward to seeing more:) Cheers!

  3. Its a delight to see the pictures on your blog! I sat in front of my laptop today with some frustration running at the back of my mind. Now as I went through these pictures and the wordings associated with them, it feels like m mind is clear now :)

  4. Its hard to not leave a note every time I come back to see your latest clicks, You know?! Today, just anybody with a DSLR calls himself a photographer. And most of their pics are good enough to be viewed….but very few pictures have emotions hidden in them…Very few pictures speak to the viewer…Your pictures belong to that category :)

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a note; its very much appreciated and makes my posts on this blog so worthwhile. I am really pleased that you can find these things in my pictures :) Its a huge compliment.

      I really love the whole process of making pictures; from finding a subject, getting the shot I want and all the way through editing (and now printing much more these days too) They won’t ever mean something to everybody but its lovely when they do, even if its just one person :) Thanks again!

      1. Oh I totally get what you are saying. My dad was a photographer by hobby during the 1960s. He had a small dark room where he used to develop photos as well. Even today he owns a number of manual cameras , that so look like antiques today :)

    1. I have indeed! This pictures was from a couple of years ago. I have some friends in Amritsar and I always make sure to go to the Golden Temple when possible. There is a peaceful and magical atmosphere there that I love especially in the evenings when its not too busy.
      I have yet to go to Chandigarh but I hear its a really nice city.

  5. Hi Peter, I do hope you are well and I just wanted to let you know I have tried to open your latest post on the Hindu ceremony from my email to the link on your blog and the error 404 pops up on your blog. Has this post been removed? I hope it is nothing too drastic. In the meantime it is always great to visit your other posts. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. kind regards, James

    1. Hey James thanks for letting me know. Actually I removed that post after about a day. I was feeling really strange about it because the lavishness of the occasion (here in London) was in such stark contrast to my recent posts from India that, in a weird kind of way, it felt disrespectful to those brilliant untouchable kids from Hyderabad.
      I opened up my safe yesterday and recovered two 4GB cf cards still full of pictures from that last trip (I have been really busy here) I’ll feel a lot happier posting some of them soon!
      Hopefully we’ll all have a nice weekend if the lovely sunshine stays around!??!?

  6. Photography crosses so many boundaries, images can touch so many, and a photograph can start a revolution in the minds of the viewers… the power/force of the lens…( use it for good, Skywalker) :-) xx

  7. Hi Peter, as you will have seen, I love India too. Your inspiring images encourage me to visit the north again as recent visits have been to central and south India. I have enjoyed looking at your other fine photos as well…..the variety makes for a fascinating blog…..am now a follower. Keep up the great work, regards, John.

  8. Love the new feel of your blog – your photos look even better, they have become somehow brighter (if that is possible). Well, the darker background seems to have done the trick, so keep snapping and changing! K.

  9. Hey Pete! How are things going with you? As I said in one of my other comments, I’m so glad to see that you’re still blogging and sharing your wonderful photos! I want to put a widget on my blog for your blog, as my favourite photo blog. Would that be okay? Maybe I could use one of your favourite photos as the widget image which would link to your blog? Thank you and keep up the great work! :)
    Your friend,
    Janice (Cafe)

    1. Janice!! :)
      I was so pleased to hear from you this morning! I am really excited to read your comments, you know I will always be happy to hear from you.
      Please do add that to your blog and I feel very honoured that you have asked me. I’m really glad :)
      I hope you don’t mind, I will email you too. I’d love to find out what’s going on with you these days.
      Speak soon

    1. Hi Uday its nice to hear from you :)
      To be honest I’ve been so busy with a new job lately I don’t sit down at my desk as much as I have in the past.
      All is good though and I’m really looking forward to starting 2014 with some exciting projects coming up. Starting with trips to Hyderabad, Delhi and Amritsar in February. I know you’re in Delhi so hope to meet up with you at some point there if you’re around?

      1. Great to hear that, Pete! I know there are times when photography takes a backseat because of other demands on time. 2014 sounds really exciting and I am really looking forward to meeting you in Delhi. I’ll be in Kerala in Feb to capture the Theyyam festival. Pete, Kerala is another very, very interesting place that you might want to visit in future:)

  10. The new year seem full with great projects for you Peter and I know they will be a great success for you, with your sensitivity to the environment and the beauty in you images of a landscape or the capture of the children we have become familiar with in your posts.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Best regards, james

    1. James sorry for the late reply so slightly belated Christmas wishes from me I’m afraid!
      I hope your Christmas was a good one.
      I booked some flights yesterday for Feb and now really looking forward to setting off again. This time I have given myself a very particular brief though relating to the upcoming exhibition I mentioned to you before. I hope that the results are going to really help Hyderapals charity who are hosting it in London.
      I was really pleased to see your pictures from the RIB on the Thames by the way. (I’ve just checked and noticed there is a part 2 which I’m heading to now for a better look! )
      Have a great new year, all the best, Pete.

      1. Hi peter,
        That is quite alright and I do hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas. Seems like a lot of planning for the forth coming trips and the sponsored exhibition. 2014 seems like it is to be a great year for you and I look forward to following your projects whether they are planed or spontaneous.

  11. Have missed looking at your amazing photographs. They have inspired me to pick up my camera again, after all these years.

  12. Thanks for stopping by damiology Peter. I’ve really enjoyed looking around your blog. Excellent images. I love the way you give your images emotion. Looking forward to seeing more. One love :)

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