Kurmaguda Academy for Relief and Education

I’ve not posted on my WordPress Blog for nearly six months now, life has a funny habit of throwing lots at you at once. During that time, I have sold any cameras and lenses that I owned and lost my interest in my photography. By a stroke of good fortune, I had to make a trip back to the city of Hyderabad this month. Having no camera at all, and very short of money, I bought a used 6/7  year old Fujifilm X100 for £370. Really, what I didn’t know was that this used and older Fujifilm camera and an unplanned trip, would bring me back to the photography that I love. Now that I’m back, Im looking forward to catching up with my friends from around the world.


A small girl smiles by a window at the Kamaguda Academy for Relief and Education, Hyderabad, India, August, 2016

Patashala; Catching Up


A very small child looks up at the camera, Patashala School. India. The school supports children from very poor migrant worker families, new to the city. There aren’t many options for them, so being able to come to a school each day really adds to life chances. New and qualified staff are making things better and happily the future is looking brighter.