Kurmaguda Academy for Relief and Education 4

I was given the opportunity to photograph the staff and students here by a friend of mine, Tom Holloway. Tom lives in India and works extensively in humanitarian causes. Thanks also to Ghouse for getting me there.

Tom Holloway, thehindu.com news

“Education breeds confidence, confidence breeds hope, hope breeds peace” Confucius

More photographs from K.A.R.E


A small boy sits in class at the Kurmaguda Academy for relief and Education, Hyderabad, India, August 2016. K.A.R.E provides care and education for children and young adults who would otherwise go without.

Kurmaguda Academy for Relief and Education

I’ve not posted on my WordPress Blog for nearly six months now, life has a funny habit of throwing lots at you at once. During that time, I have sold any cameras and lenses that I owned and lost my interest in my photography. By a stroke of good fortune, I had to make a trip back to the city of Hyderabad this month. Having no camera at all, and very short of money, I bought a used 6/7  year old Fujifilm X100 for £370. Really, what I didn’t know was that this used and older Fujifilm camera and an unplanned trip, would bring me back to the photography that I love. Now that I’m back, Im looking forward to catching up with my friends from around the world.


A small girl smiles by a window at the Kamaguda Academy for Relief and Education, Hyderabad, India, August, 2016

Preparing For Krishnashtami

Walking past a small workshop in the dusty streets of Kukatpally, India, I stopped to talk to Savitha, who invited me to take a look around her family business. With the festival of Krishnashtami days away, work was in full swing. Despite my obvious love of black and white photography, this set could only be in colour!Krishna4










The Gallery.. A Study of a Study.


Testing out a new lens this week at the V&A Museum in London and found the holy grail of lighting via these big windows overlooking a courtyard. I have been talking to a trans-Atlantic friend about the subject of candid photography like this (Hi, J.H!) and how acceptable it is to make photos in public with unaware subjects. These are all shot from about 5 metres away with a short telephoto prime lens. What do you think about this? Is it ok… or is it intrusive? I’m not sure if I’m honest.









Almost Nothing Needs To Be Said When You Have Eyes

In a small unknown and forgotten corner of the developing world, surviving with some of the poorest people on earth, a young Dalit girl smiles. She wanted to smile and be in every photo I made there; her real feelings though, lie deep within her eyes. A Repost from 2013, but this pictures deserves, more than almost any of mine, not to be forgotten. From a photographic perspective, a flawed portrait of mine in lots of ways. But none of that really matters at all. Whatever happened to this lovely little human being I will never know… Please pray for peace and happiness in our world.